Saturday, August 15, 2015

Kitchen Wall Art Attractive And Beautiful

In all the homes around the world, food is very important for every owner and his family this is the place where imagination and innovation are the center of attraction when it comes to the kitchen and cooking. Second, just because it is where you cook your food, this is not to say that this place does not deserve to be attractive and beautiful. In fact, it is this part that needs to be funny, tall, attractive and elegant that can inspire the cook gives a feeling of relaxation and motivation. This reason can only be achieved by adorning the walls of the kitchen with a unique style and design. The images used in this wall must represent the taste of the cook and his / her family.

No doubt, the simplest type of a model kitchen wall that you can access are those that describe the food and cooking. These days, the market, you can access a great truth mural art of fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, pasta and other dishes around the world and the art of sparkling wine. Country style only other kinds of pictures on the wall. As the name suggests this project represents a rural setting project. You can find printed in bright colors and colorful fruits and vegetables. There is also a part of the famous wall art representing the fields of wheat and rice. The most prominent types of cuisine, art is the scene barn with chickens, cows and pigs.

Wall Tuscan cuisine is considered very close to the country kitchen wall art. A popular type of wall models to describe the Tuscan countryside of northern Italy, which includes a charming and interesting wines from the grapes and their fat and rich wine. The most prominent colors that are often used for this style including a beautiful olive green, purple and dark red.

The three types of projects described above help induce feelings of excitement, emotion and the heat in the kitchen. It also adds beauty to the kitchen and make a wonderful place to cook. For those who want a more modern style and classic for your kitchen, they can go for modern murals that have more original and innovative projects to offer. Some common examples include modern art wall photos, wall art and the extraordinary pop art abstract wall. A well-known brand theme using mosaics in black and white or color rainbow collage really beautiful and lovely. There is even a futuristic designs, styles and models that use metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. A beautiful and attractive kind of kitchen wall sconce iron in abstract design you often will hold the walls in various ways. In fact, there are no restrictions on how you want to decorate your kitchen wall art.

Let your kitchen represent individual sense of style with a kitchen wall pictures today!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Putting Lipstick On A Pig

Buyer's remorse we all need from time to time. But when it comes to investing your life savings, the last thing you want is an investment that you will soon regret. Here are some secrets that can prevent this from happening.

Stay on bad investments in the first place is much easier than trying to leave later. Often the problem is that you are not given all the information, or presented using terms that you do not know. Anyway, the deck against you.

When you sit down with a counselor on the basis of the typical commission, your job is to sell something. They are also trained to present the product in the best way possible. They know how to handle every objection you. They have a number of closing techniques to persuade him to make a purchase decision.

They do not have to have a great product to offer to convince you to invest. In industry jargon, sometimes, the counselor should "put some lipstick on this pig." Often the products are not portrayed accurately. Investments can spot hidden by some clever salesmanship.

Here is an example from real life. These phrases are taken from the brochure to the famous equity indexed annuities :; "Getting immediate benefits with the price plus 10%.". "Capital and premiums were never subject to market risk", "Protect your head and losing market share bonus"; 'Lock in your profits and / or interest rates and obtain the best year increase -. Guaranteed '!

It looks like the perfect investment, is not it? But when you take the time to detail the fine print in the actual annuity and decipher all the legalese, you'll soon find that it is pork-pocket. Although this pension is 10-year contract, if you take your money out 10 years later that you did not receive the promised rate of return! If you initially invest $ 100,000 guaranteed to get only $ 101.457 10 years later! Exactly. You would have made $ 1.457 after 10 years!

To achieve market advantage, you have to annuity contract for a period of 10 years. If you do not find out about it until 10 years old, you should leave your money invested for a period of 20 years for the benefit of the index. However you do not receive income from the index that occurred during the second period of 10 years. Do not look so good now, do you think?

Nothing is worse. If you need more than 5% of your money in one year, you have to pay a redemption penalty is difficult to do so, to 12.5%, the more you lose your bonus. Thus, you may get back less than you invested even after 8 years! Even if you die before the contract runs out and pull their heirs, they are almost guaranteed to get back less than you put in.

And these are just some defects such investments. Even if the seller loss mentioned, done in a way that makes it seem unimportant. Many people buy pork without realizing what they are facing. Many do not even know until they go to the cash after 10 years. Because they see the benefit indexes in their statements that they believe all is well.

I usually indexed annuity capital as an example, but the same story can be said about a number of investments. There is no perfect investment! Every investment has advantages and disadvantages.

Do not take counsel said at face value. Do your homework. Find products on the Internet. If it is an insurance product as an annuity, make sure you see and read the contract before investing. If you do not understand this, find someone who does not take sides to help you (not the people trying to sell it for you!). The insurance company will only do what is in the contract, regardless of the agent makes you think the contract says.

Never give in to pressure to buy directly. It's just a marketing ploy. Make sure you know how your investments and how you can get your money. This can prevent you from making an investment you will regret.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Alternatives Than Equity-indexed Annuities

Stockholders' Equity Indexed Annuities (EIAs) have become a hot commodity in the afternoon. I think you can easily find other alternatives that will bring better results, without locking up your money or collect shipments severe punishment. I will discuss this alternative in the two following articles. But first, you must understand two things: your purpose for investing and how the EIA.

Find out why you are investing. For simplicity, we consider the two goals of stability and growth. If you are very concerned about protecting your investment and obtain a steady rate of return, then your main objective is stability. On the other hand, if you are concerned to protect themselves against price increases, building a retirement nest egg or grow your wealth then your primary goal is growth.

It is unlikely that your goals will be 100% stable and 100% growth. Normally this would be a combination of both. For example, if you are aged 55 years and prepare for retirement, you may want to about 40% of the investment portfolio invested in "stable", such as a bond or CD, and 60% invested in actions such as mutual funds.

On the other hand, if you are 75, the stability can be a problem for you. You also want to plan for inflation, but the purpose is very different from one to 55 years. You can have a 70% stable investment and only 30% of their money in equities.

EIA Perhaps you have been told is the perfect answer. They are sold as provide stability and growth. Vendors say you can participate in the growth of the stock market without risk, always win at least 3%. It seems that the EIA will help you achieve both goals. A closer look, though, you will find that it has no end.

EIA is said to provide stability, as they provide a minimum return of 3%. Let us put this in perspective. In exchange for a minimum of 3% is needed to keep their money in investments over the years, or pay a penalty which in some cases could be the equivalent of more than 3 years in the value back!

In addition, at least 3% unchanged throughout long-term investment. If interest rates increase during those 7 to 12 years, you will not be able to take advantage of them. Imagine how you would feel if you knew you could win 5% or 7% on CDs or bonds guaranteed by the government, but you are stuck in an EIA paying 3%! EIA provides not only the stability of the measure.

So let's take a look a closer look at the growth offered by the EIA. Typically, your investment choices are limited to the S & P 500, Nasdaq, or an index associated with the link. But the EIA put a limit on how much you earn. If the rate increased to 25% or 50%, as they did in 2003, you can get 10% to 12%.

EIA only allows you to take part in only the results of the index, or they have internal charges of 1-2%. Even if the underlying index increases by 10%, profit will be lower. This makes sense when you realize the insurance must win back the large commissions paid agent. The insurance company may not pay at least 3% in bad times and help you get back 100% in good time.

Thus, in EIA, you take the risk of investing in the stock market, but not all back. Do not stack the deck against himself. When you invest in stocks, you should have access to thousands of choices, and get all the returns.

Bottom line: the trap of significant investment limit growth potential and shackles you with outrageous surrender penalties, all for a measly 3% promised return, while your agent walks away with a committee of 10 or 12%? No matter how you divide your portfolio between stability and growth, believe me, there are better ways to manage your money. I'll talk about them next week.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Explain that the level of the pension fund used index

A Point-to-Point Year Monthly

Monthly changes in point-to-point in the index is determined by subtracting the value of the index the previous month with the current monthly index value and dividing by the value of the previous month'sindex. If this leads to a positive change of point-to-point and monthly index does not exceed the fixed ceiling, then it is used as an index for the month capped evolution. If more than the ceiling saying, so we use the word cover change Capped Index for this month.

Changes in point-to-point monthly negative index is not subject to the ceiling.

The "change Capped Index" was arrested for every month over a period of 12 months. The amount of 12 months' variation Restricted Index "will be the index credit rate on the date of obtaining the index. Credit tax credit rate multiplied by the value of the account's ability to determine the credit score.

Year Annual Point-to-Point

The annual change of point-to-point is determined by subtracting the value of the index of the previous year the value of the current year, the index and dividing by the value of the index 'last year. If this results in a positive annual change from point to point and the index does not exceed the fixed ceiling, then it is used as a change in the index this year. If more than the ceiling saying, so we use the change index closing report for that year.

Negative inflection point index point is not subject to the ceiling. Changes in the index is an index credit rate at the time the credit level. Tax credit rate multiplied by the value of the account's ability to determine the credit score.

The level of participation

Voters may also annuity to another and from time to time in certain annuity. It is therefore important for you to know how the level of pension contributions you work with the index method. High participation rates may be offset by other features such as simple interest, average, or index method of point-to-point. In addition, the insurance company can make a lower contribution rate also provide
present as an annual replacement indexing method.

Annual Point-to-point

Indexed interest, if any, based on the difference between the value of the index at the end of a period of one year and the value of the index at the beginning of a period of one year. Interest will be added to retire at the end of the annual period of one year replacement.